The KW Difference

Fresh Herbs

50% of KW’s 650 single herb fluid extracts are made with fresh botanicals, maximizing therapeutic potency. We network with growers across the country, continually increasing our inventory of fresh Chinese and Western herbs.


Organic and Wildcrafted Herbs

100% of our fresh herbs and 60% of our dried herbs are from organic or wildcrafted sources, free of toxic fumigants, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides.


TCM Fluid Extracts

Select from our inventory of over 400 Traditional Chinese Formulas (sources: Bensky & Gamble, Yeung, Hsu, Shen…). Check out this COMPARISON CHART to see the advantages of fluid extracts.


KW Proprietary Formulas

Choose from over 120 unique herb formulas containing both Chinese and Western herbs, formulated according to TCM principles by Brian Kie Weissbuch, L.Ac.


Practitioner Prescriptions

We’ll fill your prescriptions as fluid extracts.



For practitioners who prefer to make their own formulas, create an office pharmacy by selecting from 650 Chinese and Western single herb extracts. Or use any combination of the above KW services.


Clinical Results

KW formulas have been prescribed by TCM practitioners throughout the country for over twenty years, and enjoy a loyal following by those who value quality and effectiveness.