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Potency High yields of both water and alcohol soluble active ingredients from herbs. Preserves heat sensitive compounds. Our fresh plant extracts capture herbs at their peak potency. Decoctions (teas) yield only water soluble active ingredients. Heat destroys volatile and heat labile herbal compounds. Long warehousing in China depletes potency. Grinding herbs diminishes active ingredients through evaporation of volatile compounds and oxidation of heat sensitive ingredients. Active ingredients not fully digested, as they must be extracted from the herbs during their short transit time in a patient’s GI tract. Spleen Deficient patients do not absorb high molecular weight active ingredients. Long warehousing in China depletes potency.
Purity Most KW TCM Herbs are  Organically Grown or Wildcrafted in the U.S Commercial Chinese Herbs are grown with fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides, then fumigated during storage and before import.
Convenience Simple to use. Add dose to warm water and drink. Long shelf life of 2 years (unrefrigerated). Preparing teas from bulk herbs is time consuming. More convenient than brewing teas, however measuring powder and mixing with water more difficult than extracts. Easy to use
Taste Even children usually find taste is not a problem, as only one swallow is sufficient for each dose. For sensitive patients, extracts are taken with black cherry juice which effectively masks flavor Patients may complain about the taste Not a problem.
Compliance High The commitment to preparing teas is difficult to sustain, especially in chronic conditions. Moderate High
Cost Initially higher than others; offset by the superior potency and efficacy which promotes a rapid response and shorter administration time. Cost can be further offset by buying in bulk quantities and repacking in smaller sizes. Low to Moderate Moderate to High Low to Moderate